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Projek Bantuan Kewangan Mikro (Qardhul Hasan) di bandar Khanyounis, Selatan Gaza.

Khanyounis terletak di bahagian selatan Semenanjung Gaza. Kawasan ini juga di antara penempatan yang terpadat dengan bilangan pengangguran di antara yang tertinggi khususnya setelah sekatan (blockage) oleh rejim Israel terhadap Gaza pada tahun 2006.

Gaza strip under siege since 2006, which deprived the community of the basic necessities of life, that because of the closure of  most of Gaza's manufacturing industry which provided the most of families with fixed income, but now that families are without income. This continuing crises since 2001 are reflected in the decline in the indicators of economic and social development in Palestine.
According to that 80 % of  Gaza Strip residents live below the poverty line while the unemployment rate is increasing to 50 % that certainly as a result of that siege. In addition to that , Reports especially the one from the Palestinian National Information Center, show that the main effects of the siege are the closure of more than 3500 industrial facilities, stopping of 600 sewing factories, 95% of workshops and 80% of furniture were stopped also.
All of the above make finding solutions -to reduce the poverty and increasing the operation rate of Palestinians, are important and essential thing and this what small projects program seek for helping some families specially and to reduce the poverty in Gaza Strip in general.

The program of the small projects through lending is considered as an effective essential step in rebuilding the society that’s called "micro credit project". As the Palestinian economic depends primarily on the small projects production, so this step of financing small projects considered as a very important step in the economic of Gaza strip as general and specially in Khanyounis city which considered as marginalized area from loans and investments.
So Emaar Association has taken a number of measures to alleviate the suffering of those affected severely by the current situation. One of these measures was to support small businesses through financing small projects to the poor families by Islamic loans that happen after training them about the fundamental projects management. That's projects may cost between 1500 to 3000 $ for each project and it is refundable after one year as maximum from the date of receipt loan.

Project justifications:

The main problem for the project is increasing the poverty rate significantly in the Gaza Strip in general and KhanYounis in particular.

The Main Problem Reasons:
Certainly, that main problem has radical secondary problems which contributed to the creation of the main problem as followed:
1.The continuing siege at Gaza Strip since 2006 and until this moment.
2.Palestinian economy depends on the Israeli economy.
3.Adoption of poor families to foreign aid relief.
4.Lack of experience with families in the management of their money.
5.Lack of work about the relief by development  strategy of poor families in Gaza Strip.
6.Decreasing of social solidarity between members of Gazan  society.

The Main Problem Consequences:
This has resulted in these major problem and causes a very negative results are summarized as follows:
1. Increasing the unemployment rate in Gazan society to 50% the most in south of  Gaza Strip. 
2. Deterioration of living conditions, "the health, economic and social development" of poor families in the Gaza Strip.
3. Increasing in the rate of crimes and thefts within the community.
4. The society interested in the living issues and forget the development and desired renaissance

The problem solution strategy:
We conclude from the above that the problem of  increasing the poverty rate is the main problem of the project, as it very big problem and it is needed solutions for government to reduce or eliminate it.

So Emaar Association adopt the solution through the relief by development  strategy that seeks to lend the poor families amount of money for carrying out a productive project  to generate their income that’s contributed in providing them a source of fixed  income and to achieve self-sufficiency.
That loans will be Islamic loans called in Arabic "Qard Hassan" that’s defined as  beneficial loan or benevolent loan or gratuitous loan and that  loan is returned at the end of the agreed period without any interest or share in the profit or loss of the business.
So Emaar Association seeks to lend the target poor families amount of money between 1500 to 3000 $ and it will be refundable as original amount after a year at most from the delivery of the loan.

Overall Goal:
This project aims to contribute to reduce the effects of poverty in Khanyounis.
1. To develop the beneficiaries' capacity in projects management.
2. To improve the living conditions for the poor families in Khanyounis
3. To create new job opportunities
4. To encourage the relief by development strategy that’s reinforce the micro projects culture within the community in Khanyounis.

Fund raising for the project/ Dana untuk Projek bagi Fasa 1.

Orang ramai di Malaysia boleh menyertai projek ini yang dijangkakan berjumlah USD83,660.00 (RM250,000.00) bagi diagih-agihkan kepada sekitar 30 penerima skim ini. Sila salorkan sumbangan anda dengan menghubungi ibu pejabat Aqsa Syarif atau pwngurus-pengurus negeri di seluruh Malaysia.

Rancangan Terdekat Aqsa Syarif
- Konvoi Misi Kemanusiaan Aqsa Syarif Ramadhan di Gaza (A2G2) 20-28 Ramadhan 1432 / 20-28 Ogos 2011
Aqsa Syarif telah memutuskan penghantaran Konvoi Misi A2G2 di atas. Salah satu misi penting di bulan Ramadhan yang penuh keberkatan ialah untuk ahli-ahli konvoi Aqsa Syarif menyampaikan sumbangan rakyat Malaysia untuk projek Pembiayaan Micro-Credit (Qardhul-Hassan). Dari sekarang sehingga tarikh pemergian sukarelawan misi di atas iaitu pada 20 Ramadhan 1432 / 20 Ogos 2011, tuan/puan boleh menghubungi Aqsa Syarif untuk membuat sumbangan projek tersebut. 
Wang sumbangan tuan/pun Insya Allah akan kami serahkan dengan tangan kami di bulan yang mulia, bulan Ramadhan yang penuh barakah terus ke tangan yang sangat memerlukan di Gaza Insya Allah. Bertindak segera hubungi Aqsa Syarif untuk menyumbang. Aqsa Syarif kini telah memutuskan untuk memperuntukkan sumbangan berjumlah RM250,000.00 yang diterima dari rakyat   Malaysia dan akan di sampaikan di Gaza bulan Ramadhan ini Insya Allah.


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